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Highest Paying Cities to Work in the US

How to Get Licenced to Practice Physiotherapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Here's a quick summary on how to get a physiotherapy practising licence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

A foreign trained physiotherapist should at least have a B.Sc in physiotherapy, with at least two years work experience.

The physiotherapist must be a graduate from a National and/ or International recognized college/University.

For graduates from the UAE universities, the program and university must be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).

Higher diploma certificates from The Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE will be equivalent to Bachelor degree as per MOHESR standard

A Master degree or PhD (in the area of specialty) will reduce one (1) year from the required experience for licensing provided that the Master’s/ PhD degree is not mandatory to obtain the selected title.

Qualifications acquired through honorary nature, correspondence or distance learning are not counted towards the PQR requirements.

All non-UAE national graduate physiothe…

Jobs in the U.S. for Medical Technologists

If the demand for healthcare professionals is heating up in the USA, then the demand for MedTechs has reached the boiling point.

Here are five reasons why:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that between 2012 and 2022 the demand for clinical laboratory technologist/technician job will grow by 22 percent.

The U.S. programs preparing tomorrow’s laboratory workforce train only about half of what is needed.

Fewer than 5,000 individuals are graduating each year from accredited training programs.

According to the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), the number of accredited clinical laboratory technology programs has steadily declined.

Approximately 40 percent of the laboratory workforce is within ten years of retirement.

Coming April 1st 2017 Passport USA will be filing U.S. visas for numerous qualified Medical technologists. Will you be one of them?

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WCPT launches art and health competition 13th December 2016

WCPT is pleased to announce the launch of its art and health competition. The work of the finalists will be displayed in an art and health exhibition at the WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town next July.

The exhibition is always popular at congress and adds a unique element to the event.
The theme of the competition is “Diversity and inclusion”.
WCPT is seeking outstanding pieces of artwork and photography relevant to
physical therapy. Interpretations of the theme may include:
• diversity of patients and practice
• inclusion of disabilities
• how physical therapy encourages inclusion
• the vast range of specialties within the profession

All entries must be submitted electronically as a JPEG photograph. The original artwork must be created in
one of the following media:
• photography
• painting
• drawing
• sculpture

All images should be taken at the best quality available. If a photograph of a sculpture, drawing or painting is being submitted, the artwork must be clearly visible and well …

Urgent: Physiotherapist Wanted in Queensland Australia

If you are a  UK trained physiotherapist with a BA or a South African trained physiotherapist and you are interested in working in the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, please contact me ASAP.

What you Need to know about Physiotherapy Registration in South Africa

Getting a job as a physiotherapist in South Africa may seem more complicated than getting one in the US, Canada or Europe. There's not much information online about what is required from foreign trained physiotherapists to get a license to practice in South Africa, so this will hopefully help:

1. The SA health sector prefer foreign trained physios that come from countries that have have similar training and curriculum with them.

2.The South African Health Sector's main aim for recruiting foreign trained physiotherapists is to provide hands for under serviced, remote areas of south Africa.

"Please be informed that the main aim of the FWM is to support the staffing needs of the rural areas in SA and in particular to endorse applicants to eventually fill long-standing vacancies in undeserved areas. Applicants should note that they will not be recruited to the urbanized areas unless under exceptional circumstances."

3. According to the health sector foreign recruitment p…

New Requirements by FCCPT for Foreign Trained Physiotherapists

It's now officially "official" that you need to have a Masters degree in Physiotherapy for your credentials to be assessed by the FCCPT in the US. You need to have a Masters in Physiotherapy to get a Type 1 Health Worker certificate. This information was released September 2016:
Important change to USCIS Requirements for Health Care Worker Certification

USCIS now requires the following to obtain a Type I Health Care Worker Certificate:
1. Master’s degree or higher in Physical Therapy, and
2. 202.1 semester credits minimum
In response to USCIS’ requirements, FCCPT has implemented the following requirements on the Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review) Service:
New Type I Review applications received on or after September 15, 2016
Must possess a Master’s Degree or higher in Physical Therapy. 
If you submit an application and your degree title is a Bachelor’s degree, your service will be cancelled and your application fee will be refunded.
Type I Review application…

The difference between the Athletic Tape and Kinesiology Tape

I was watching WWE wrestling with my kids the other day and they drew my attention to a particular wrestler who had a colourful taping round one of his arms.

They wanted to know what that tape was, since the wrestler had a history of injury on that arm.

What exactly are tapes and what purpose do they serve? What are the different kinds of tapes and are there any major differences?
Why all the hype about the kinesio tape?

Tapes are of different types and used for different purposes; they can either be corrective, supportive or compressive.

The Athletic Tape
The athletic or sport tape is a supportive tape. This adhesive tape is used on athletes to prevent injury by providing support around an injured joint or muscle.
This type of taping is usually done around the wrists, hands, ankles and feet for a specific athletic activity and afterwards removed.
The athletic tape is of basically two types:
A white somewhat rigid adhesive tape containing zinc oxide which helps the tape to mould to th…

A Close Look at the Physiotherapy Salary and Working Conditions in the US

The increased demand for physical therapists/physiotherapists in most countries is not just a hype as we can clearly see that a growing sedentary and aged population is translating to a rising need for physiotherapy.

The projected growth rate for the physiotherapy profession in the US is 34% (2014 - 2024).

Who is a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists assess, plan, deliver and review rehabilitative programs that prevent and treat pain, improve mobility, maintain and increase strength and flexibility and generally promote functional independence.

Physiotherapy in the United States

Physiotherapists in the US are part of a healthcare team; they supervise physiotherapy assistants and aides and consult with physicians, surgeons and other specialists.

Having physiotherapy skills has proved to be quite rewarding, especially financially and that has got many physical therapists looking out for the best paying jobs.

In the US, physiotherapists are expected to have these qualities in order to be able…

How to Prepare for the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam

Any internationally trained physiotherapist desiring to work in Canada will need to pass the PCE (Physiotherapy Competency Exam).
Naturally, you would want to find out more about this licensing exam and what exactly you are expected to know. Are there any textbooks to read or past examination papers to look at?

Well if you are really interested in giving the PCE your best shot and passing the exams on the first try, the you can check out these preparatory courses organized by two different groups.

PT Exam Prep

PT Exam Prep is a comprises highly skilled tutors with experience in preparing for the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam, and practicing Physiotherapists in the Canadian healthcare industry.

They are dedicated to helping international physiotherapists become certified in Canada. Pt Exam Prep offers a 6 week comprehensive course to get you fully prepared for all topics tested on the PCE .

Their courses cover both written and practical components of the PCE exam.
Courses for t…

Tips to Prevent Musculoskeletal Conditions While Using your Smartphone

It's not uncommon these days, to see people moving around with their faces buried in their mobile phones or tablets. Even having a decent conversation with a friend can prove abortive if the notorious "third party" refuses to leave the eyes of him/her.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Surgical Study revealed that bending your head while looking at your mobile device can add between 12kg to 27kg of pressure on your spine.

"New" musculoskeletal conditions like "Text Neck" and "Texting Thumb" are becoming a common presentations in physiotherapy clinics, and therefore it has become a major responsibility for us as health practitioners to put out safety tips on how to use mobile or handheld devices.

So here are some tips on how to use your smartphone and other handheld devices safely:

When holding your phone, especially, for long periods, adopt postures that help keep your wrists and fingers in as relaxed a position as possible. Deliberately and ge…

Check these 6 Habits to Get Relief from that Neck Pain

Neck pain can present itself in many ways, but whatever form it comes it's an unpleasant feeling that you really want to get relief from. When we refer to "neck pain" here, we are talking about pain in the neck that has no clear cause or diagnosis (nonspecific neck pain).

There are different types of neck pains; neck pain that comes with a headache, neck pain that comes with tingling (pins and needles) in the arm or neck pain which is as a result of an obvious injury, like a whiplash injury.

A whiplash injury is a strain in the muscles or tendons of the neck as a result of a force that quickly throws the neck forwards then backwards.

Whiplash injuries commonly occur in auto accidents, for example, if your car is hit suddenly with great force from behind, that force can cause your head tho plunge forwards and get thrown backwards.

A neck pain that presents with a headache (cervicogenic) is likely to indicate disc degeneration or facet joint arthritis. The fact that the h…

How to Care for your Back

Back care is clearly a case of "prevention is better than cure". It's always better to prevent back injury than to treat it. So what are the culprits of back pain? What would cause great discomfort and injury to your back? This is what should be at the top of your mind so be careful to avoid or control the following:
Common Causes of Back Pain
1.Weak muscles: not enough physical activity. Yeah yeah, you can't just sit behind your desk all day and think your back should understand.
2. Muscle Strain caused by too much or physical activities carried out with harmful techniques.
3. Poor/Bad postural habits.
So what should you do to protect your back muscles?

Practice good lifting techniques.  Always be conscious about what and how you should lift an object. Does it look too heavy? Would you be needing help? Lift objects close to your body rather than with your arms outstretched.Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other for balance.Slowly bend your knees and NOT you…

8 Interesting Facts About Getting a Foot Massage

Spending time at work involves assuming sitting and standing postures for long periods and this most times results in muscle tension and other stress-related symptoms.
If your job involves you walking or standing for long periods like customer service staff and construction workers (to mention) a few then you would definitely need regular foot massage.
It would amaze you that a brief 15 to 20 minutes foot massage can do the trick.
Your feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that seldom get the required attention they deserve.
Even every day walking and standing can take their toll on your feet as the feet and ankles bear a good part of your body weight.
With over 7000 nerves in the foot alone, getting a foot massage can be extremely pleasurable and relaxing.
A foot massage will not only help relieve foot and ankle pain, but will also relieve stress and tension in the entire body.
Here are other benefits of getting a foot massage:
1) A 20 minute session of foot massage an…

Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

There is nothing wrong with exercising when pregnant. When it comes to exercise prescription for the pregnant woman one important factor to consider is her fitness level.
What was your fitness level before pregnancy? How physically active were you? Were you actively exercising or going to the gym? What were your physical activities? Were you swimming, jogging, playing tennis or just involved in household chores?
After being certified fit by a medical personnel, exercise and pregnancy are really good friends as long as the boundaries are observed.
Here are some guidelines to follow when exercising during pregnancy:
Avoid exercising in high temperatures. Stop exercising if you are getting uncomfortably warm. It is important to maintain your hydration level, so always have water with you during your exercise timeAvoid exercising in the supine position (lying on your back, face up)Exercise sessions, which should be handled by the therapist, shouldn't be more than 45 minutesAvoid breat…

Average Physiotherapy Salary in Top Countries

Why do we make so much fuss about how much a physiotherapist should earn? Well we are not fussy, it is just imperative that you are up to date with industry standards.

Physiotherapists promote mobility, physical activity and general health and wellness of individuals. In this technology age there is emphasis on education to prevent injury and disease and promote recovery.

Why would physiotherapy continue to be relevant? Because as people become more sedentary in their lifestyle and also grow older, there is an increasing need to ensure that individual maintain optimal health by being physically active. Maintaining and improving functional independence is key when dealing with an ageing or elderly population.

So what should a physiotherapist be expected to earn these days? Physiotherapy salaries have actually been increased in several regions because of the increased demand and importance of the profession.

In the UK, physiotherapists earn an average salary of £45,000 ($53,000) per ann…

7 Essential Competencies Required by Physiotherapists in Canada

What really is required of a physiotherapist practising in Canada? When looking out for an international physiotherapy job you need to be abreast of what is expected of you. What is the scope of practice and boundaries for the physiotherapist outside your country of training?

Yes, Physiotherapy is concerned with the quality of human function and movement... Prevention, intervention and rehabilitation are common keywords when it comes to what physical therapists do, but what exactly is required of physiotherapists in some countries? Who is a physiotherapist?

Let's look at Canada, what is expected of a physiotherapist who wants to work in Canada?

1) A physiotherapist is first of all seen as an "Expert" who:

Consults with the client to obtain informationCarries out client's assessment relevant to physiotherapy practiceAnalyzes the findings from assessing the clientEstablishes a physiotherapy diagnosis and prognosisDevelops and implements an intervention strategyEvaluates…

How to Prepare for the Qualifying Exam for Physiotherapy in Singapore

To get a physiotherapy job in Singapore, you need to be licensed and before that you need to pass the Qualifying Exam in Nanyang poly.

Being an internationally trained physiotherapist the last thing you may want to hear (at least for me) is that word "Exam".

You want to know what books to read for the exam or if your clinical knowledge is sufficient for you to pass. Another thing that bothers many is the structure of the exam; is it theory or MCQ, clinical based or viva?

From what I have heard(not experienced), the Singapore physiotherapy qualifying exams has been quite tough for some. They didn't pass it on the first trial and you have only two opportunities.

Some common complaints are that most of the materials recommended for reading where not used for the exam and that the students that participated in the clinical exams (as patients) where "bad actors".

For those who are yet to write the exam, their major complaints are getting an employer to sponsor them …

Recruitment Agencies that Cater to Health Professionals

Here are some health recruiting agencies in the UK, Canada and Middle East you can check out. We'll keep populating the list as we get more submissions so remember to check back for updates.

1) KPI Care

2) Harbour West Consulting(Canada)

Harbour West Consulting Inc. specializes in assisting post-secondary, health, public, and not-for-profit organizations and associations in filling executive and senior-level positions.
You can also check their opportunities

3)Swanstaff Recruitment (United Kingdom)

Within our local branches we specialise in temporary roles, focusing on Healthcare Recruitment, Driving and Industrial Recruitment and Office & Commercial Recruitment. Our national recruitment team based at Head Office works within a wide range of sectors, with specialist Consultants providing permanent and temporary recruitment services to clients within the Healthcare, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Financial and Office and Commercial Sectors.

4) HealthStaff Rec…

Physiotherapy Salary Structure in Australia

When looking for a job as an internationally trained physiotherapist, your focus should not just be on places with the best physiotherapy salary but also those with the best working conditions.

The best physiotherapy jobs may not necessarily be the "highest paid", but those jobs that have employers and the overall system compensate you with benefits that keep you hooked.

Physiotherapy career progression is another very important factor that determines if a job is suitable for you or not, as we all have our various career expectations.

Anyway, what we want to look into is the structure of the physiotherapy salary in Australia. What benefits go with a basic salary? What allowances do you expect to get paid in addition to your salary? How do you actually calculate your salary and how do you know you are getting what you deserve?

These are questions on the minds of physios moving from one country to the other seeking the best paid job.

Australia is one country that takes the care…

Physiotherapy Management of Spinal Cord Injuries and Autonomic Dysreflexia

Autonomic dysreflexia is a medical emergency as it is a life threatening situation. It is very critical that physiotherapists are informed about this condition especially when handling spinal cord injury patients.

Autonomic dysreflexia is an abnormal and excessive excitation of the sympathetic nervous system (involuntary) in response to stimuli.

Even though autonomic dysreflexia is commonly associated with SCI patients with lesions at T6 and above,  it can also present in non-traumatic causes like in patients with spinal cord tumour or those who have undergone neurosurgery at level T6 and above. It can also be seen in multiple sclerosis

Physical therapists should watch out for signs of Autonomic Dysreflexia when handling neurological cases especially SCI patients with lesions in T6 and above.

Common causes of autonomic dysreflexia are

a blocked catheter, constipation, pressure ulcers, tight clothing some physiotherapy manoeuvres like "stretching" and electrical stimul…

Does Calgary Pay the Highest Physiotherapy Salary in Canada?

When you think of physiotherapy job opportunities you definitely think of going where you can earn the best salary with the best working conditions. Yes, there are many physios that have migrated to Canada, but which cities really have the highest demand for physical therapists? No one wants to just move to another country without the assurance of getting an international job.

I also wonder why some countries know they are in dire need of physiotherapists but still make the employment process narrow and winding...*sigh*. Anyway, enough of my ranting.

So we are looking at Calgary now because there is a high demand for qualified physiotherapists in this city, compared to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Working Abroad: Getting a Job in Canada

According to a report by Calgary Economic Development in 2012:

Between 2010 and 2020, demand for these  workers is expected to increase by over 61 per cent, resulting in demand for approximately 2,100 workers in 2020. Employers will likely face dif…

Starting a Physiotherapy Career in Australia - 6 Important Things to Do

If you are an internationally trained physiotherapist and are thinking of moving to Australia, here is a checklist of what you should have. There are many jobs for physiotherapists in Australia, especially in the Musculoskeletal specialty.

Sports physiotherapists also get lots of jobs because Australia is a sporting nation. Australians are also very conscious of being physically active so there are also lots of jobs that involve keeping seniors or the elderly mobile.

So what do you need to get an international job in Australia as a physical therapist?

Australian Higher Education Sector Visa (Subclass 573)

1. Your current practising licence as a physiotherapist or lifetime licence if applicable.

2. Get your official transcript from your graduating University of school of physiotherapy.

3. If you don't have your international passport yet, go get it.

4. Do your English Test. Very important. Australia accepts quite a number of English tests accredited to assess your English language …

World Physical Therapy Day: Physical therapists help add life to years

Physical therapists can help older people to be independent, improving quality of life and reducing health care costs. This is the message from thousands of physical therapists across the world as they prepare to take part in World Physical Therapy Day on 8th September 2016.

Every year, World Physical Therapy Day allows individual physical therapists and WCPT member organisations to celebrate their contribution to global health. This year's event builds on the success of 2015, when thousands of physical therapists used the #worldptday hashtag on Twitter to unite events across the world.

This World Physical Therapy Day uses the theme “Add life to years” and the hashtag #addlifetoyears, following the World Health Organisation's World Report on Ageing and Health which says that “maintenance of functional ability has the highest importance” for older people.

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy played a significant role in the consultations for the new WHO ageing and heal…

Want to Work in Canada As a Physiotherapist? British Colombia Wants You

There are many ways to qualify for the Canadian immigration express entry one of which is the provincial nominee program. So if a province in Canada needs your services or profession they will nominate you for their PNP.

I think an interesting province to look at is British Colombia (BC).

British Colombia has different categories of skilled immigration ; Skilled worker, International graduate, International post-graduate and Health professional.
I'm focusing on the Health professional category because that is a very favourable option for a physiotherapist who desires to work in Canada.

Skilled Immigration - Health care professional

Health care professionals, especially physiotherapists are in high demand in British Colombia so the probability of you getting a nomination is very high. Rather than be on queue following the regular Canadian immigration process, the BC PNP - Health Care professional route will be a surer and quicker route.

Here are the necessary steps to take:

1. Take …

Top Distance Learning, Online Postgraduate Health Courses for Physios

If you have a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and are puzzled about what direction to face in your career as a health professional, this post might be helpful to you.

I know physiotherapists that just went ahead to get another undergraduate degree in medicine and even pharmacy while some just went for an MBA...but what options do you really have with a career in physiotherapy? Well in this post I will be talking to physiotherapists that don't necessarily want a Masters in physiotherapy but want to continue as health professionals.

Physiotherapists are needed in the corporate world and not just hospitals or health centres, so if you find your interests leaning toward prevention of diseases or educating the populace then I have a collection of course suggestions for you. Some of these courses can even be done online...

Graduate Certificate in Health Science
Queensland University of Technology

Ideal for professionals looking to specialise in an area of health. We provide clini…