Back Care: How to Prevent Back Pain

The complaints and occurrences of back pain have increased tremendously with most people spending more time off work to get pain relief.

As I have said many times over, pain is the body's warning signal or siren....your body just wants to let you know that something isn't right. Paying attention to these warning signs will do you a lot of good and protect you from experiencing irreversible damage.

However, most cases of back pain are not so serious so recovery may occur within a few weeks. Early physiotherapy and maintaining a helpful level of activity, rather than outright bed rest will promote healing from back pain.

Structures of the back
The back majorly comprises the vertebrae ( bones that surround the spinal cord), intervetebral discs- which are the shock absorbers between every two vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and spinal nerve roots.

Back pain prevention
These structures can be misused or traumatized even in your simple and regular daily activities so it's important you learn how to care for your back and prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort.
Knowing how to prevent back pain or care for your back actually involves you making up your mind to sign up for a lifestyle change as there are likely to be many of your personal habits and/or working or living environment that will have to undergo a somewhat radical change.


One of the  common causes of back pain is wrong or inappropriate posture- wrong sitting, standing, lying and working posture, improper lifting techniques... Basically assuming unfavorable body postures for an extended period of time
Here are important points to help you check your posture at all times

  • Get up and stretch regularly after sitting for long periods ( like over 2 hours). Most people at work forget that they are blessed with this free gift of just getting up and stretching.
  • Get a lumbar roll or pillow for extra support of the lower curve of your back while sitting especially when driving for long periods or distances.
  • Your work chair should promote good posture- the night of your chair at work should not be too high or too low- your hips and knees should be at the same level with your feet resting flat on the floor.
  • Your mattress should be firm enough to keep your back or spine in its natural shape and not cause excessive curving of your back.

Proper lifting method

  • Check how heavy the object you want to lift is, decide if you can carry it on your own or need help.
  • Stand close enough to the object, as lifting from a distance will compromise your balance.
  • Keep your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulder span
  • Bend your knees and not your back. Minimize bending your back to lift the object.
  • Lift the object as you simultaneously lift or straighten your legs.

Aerobic exercises like brisk walking, jogging, swimming and cycling promote joint health. You can take part in some form of aerobic activity for about 30minutes a day for 5days in a week. This will also help to improve the condition of your muscles and generally increase your fitness level.
Being obese or having a pot belly will have a negative impact on your back by affecting the natural equilibrium of the back. Watching your weight, and preventing the accumulation of belly fat while maintain an above averge fitness level will help prevent the occurrence of low back pain.

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