Which Countries Pay the Best Physiotherapy Salary?

We always hear about physiotherapy being a "hot" profession and that physiotherapists are saught after all over the world and that gives us the confidence to go for international jobs. Interestingly, though, I have noticed that physiotherapists move around alot, and we're about ro find out if it's for "greener pastures" , inner fulfillment or just sheer restlessness. I know of physiotherpists that move from Australia to Canada, and others from Canada to Australia...the other day a colleague of mine told me about a physiotherapist that had just devided to leave Australia for Singapore, while he stays put in South Africa.
Many physiotherapists want to know which countries pay the best salaries to help get some motivation to move or jump ship, so let's first try to analyse places that have the best paying physiotherapy jobs or simply put, the highest salaries.

A physiotherapist's salary in Ireland ranges from $27000 to $60000 a year andthis will of course be slightly affected by the experience factor and employer, majorly. Of course physiotherapists are paid in euros in Ireland but I put the figure in US dollars so we can get a uniform basis for comparison.

Physiotherapists in Australia are paid a salary of between $37000 to $66000 a year. This is the US dollar conversion of a salary in AUD (Australian Dollars).

Physiotherapists in Canada earn between $36000 and $72000 a year. This is the US dollar conversion as you would be paid in Canadian dollars. It also seems that experience doesn't make much difference in the physiotherapy salary.

United States of America (US)
The physiotherapy salary in the US ranges from $46000 to $91000 per year. Years of experience reflect in the size of the salary package in the United States. Physiotherapy salary may also vary slightly with the city you work.

A physiotherapist is Singapore earns between $13000 to $57000 a year. You will be paid in Singaporean dollars but this is the US dollars conversion.

South Africa
Physiotherapists in South Africa earn between $10000 and $24000 a year. This is the US dollar conversion for the South African rand salary.

United kingdom
In the UK physiotherapists earn between $28000 and $64000 a year.

Physiotherapy salary in Dubai ranges from $7000 to $65000. Now that is the widest range I have seen so far but I suspect that who your employer is plays a very important factor in how much you are paid. I hear the international hospitals in Dubai pay well.

Phew! So much for salary comparison... I think, however, when choosing a country you'll like to work there are several other factors that should be considered apart from salary. Here are some of my personal criteria for choosing the best country to work as a physiotherapist:

My 3 C's

1. Connection
There are some places that I don't just connect with, i really don't care if they pay the best salaries...There are some countries that spell fulfilment and joy when you think about them while there are others that are synonymous with buttetflies and knots in your belly. Don't ignore that gut feeling when it comes to getting an international job.

2. Culture
What's the country's culture like? Is the city you are looking at a metropolitan city where you can find all races and cultures? Are they friendly? Do they discriminate of do they have "preferences" for certain races when it comes to employment? Can you cope with that kind of environment? Would you like to raise your kids in that country or city?

3. Cost of living
With number one criterion in place the others may be unnecessary but sometimes you may have to get additional reasons why you should or shouldn't take a particular international job.
I will research the cost of living in the city that I am getting the job. Some cities pay more than others but the cost of living in these cities are also higher than others... Try to do a simple calculation on how much of your salary is likely to go into expenses and compare with other cities that don't seem to pay as much. Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world so if you are interested in working as a physiotherapist there, do your homework; find out how your physiotherapy salary will balance up with the cost of living in Singapore.

Well these are just mine you may have yours that you'll like to share. Happy job hunting!

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