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Highest Paying Cities to Work in the US

Want to Work in Canada As a Physiotherapist? British Colombia Wants You

There are many ways to qualify for the Canadian immigration express entry one of which is the provincial nominee program. So if a province in Canada needs your services or profession they will nominate you for their PNP.

I think an interesting province to look at is British Colombia (BC).

British Colombia has different categories of skilled immigration ; Skilled worker, International graduate, International post-graduate and Health professional.
I'm focusing on the Health professional category because that is a very favourable option for a physiotherapist who desires to work in Canada.

Skilled Immigration - Health care professional

Health care professionals, especially physiotherapists are in high demand in British Colombia so the probability of you getting a nomination is very high. Rather than be on queue following the regular Canadian immigration process, the BC PNP - Health Care professional route will be a surer and quicker route.

Here are the necessary steps to take:

1. Take …

Top Distance Learning, Online Postgraduate Health Courses for Physios

If you have a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and are puzzled about what direction to face in your career as a health professional, this post might be helpful to you.

I know physiotherapists that just went ahead to get another undergraduate degree in medicine and even pharmacy while some just went for an MBA...but what options do you really have with a career in physiotherapy? Well in this post I will be talking to physiotherapists that don't necessarily want a Masters in physiotherapy but want to continue as health professionals.

Physiotherapists are needed in the corporate world and not just hospitals or health centres, so if you find your interests leaning toward prevention of diseases or educating the populace then I have a collection of course suggestions for you. Some of these courses can even be done online...

Graduate Certificate in Health Science
Queensland University of Technology

Ideal for professionals looking to specialise in an area of health. We provide clini…

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, Say No to Physical Inactivity

A major cause of obesity in addition to eating fatty foods in large portions is physical inactivity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) physical inactivity is the fourth leading factor considered when it comes to global mortality. This, in other words, sounds like "keep moving or you die!". Yes it is a warning signal, an alarm that has gone off to show how "lazy" human beings have become...thanks to rapid urbanization and globalization.

Oh the convenience of technology! Yes the convenience that may not be that "convenient" when you have to visit the Doctor more often than you plan to.

This really calls for a change of lifestyle; become a more active you, get a grip on yourself and exercise more control over decisions that you take like "the elevator or stairs?"

Risks that come with increased physical inactivity:

Increased blood pressure
Increased blood sugar levels
Cardiovascular disease

Children are also n…

Doctor of Physiotherapy, Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology in Australia

Doctor of Physiotherapy, Bond University Queensland, Australia

The Doctor of Physiotherapy offers an innovative problem based learning model of physiotherapy education to prepare entry level physiotherapists for their roles and responsibilities as first contact practitioners. The program integrates the clinical, pathological and related sciences with the physiotherapy knowledge, skills and professional behaviours and attitudes required to examine, diagnose and treat physiotherapy clients.
Course Duration 2 years

Academic requirements
1. Successful completion of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science degree from Bond University, or equivalent degree from a recognised institution with a cumulative GPA 2/4 or 5/7 or better.
2. Evidence of the following tertiary subject prerequisites:
 Two semesters of Human Anatomy
 Two semesters of Human Physiology
 One semester of Biomechanics
 One semester of Research Design/Statistics
 One semester of Physiology of Exercise
 One semester of E…

Top Physiotherapy Postgraduate Courses in Australia

In my opinion, one of the best countries to study especially at the university level is Australia. Doing your Masters or postgraduate program in an Australian university may be a bit pricey but is extremely favourable for mature students who have a family. You get to take your family along on a student visa!!! If you have a family and are interested in pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate program you should consider Australia.

The Australian government issues a Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573) that permits you to study a full time higher education course in Australia. You can also qualify for streamlined visa processing if the university you apply to is a participating education provider.

I will be sharing in subsequent posts physiotherapy postgraduate courses in Australian universities that are classified as participating education providers.

Here are some features of this visa:

You might be able to get this visa if you are enrolled as a student in a registered course…

6 Physiotherapy Postgraduate Degree Courses in Canada

If you are thinking of pursuing a Physiotherapy Masters degree program in Canada you may want to think of a different strategy.
I have observed that Canadian Universities are more interested in educating their citizens or students with permanent residency.
So if you really really want to do your M.Sc Physiotherapy in Canada, consider applying for immigration first. As a permanent resident or citizen you actually pay less tuition fees. But hey, let me not discourage you, check out these Canadian Universities offering postgraduate courses in physiotherapy:

1. M.Sc Physical Therapy
University of Alberta
Course Duration 3years
Course fees Year 1 - Blocks 1, 2 & 3 - $9,052.80
Year 2 - Blocks 4, 5 & 6 - $7,970.40
Year 3- Block 7 - $1,869.60

RequirementsApproximately 15 percent of the available seats will be designated for out-of-province and international applicants. Preference will be given to residents of Alberta. 
Completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree or its academic equiv…