8 Interesting Facts About Getting a Foot Massage

Spending time at work involves assuming sitting and standing postures
for long periods and this most times results in muscle tension and
other stress-related symptoms.

If your job involves you walking or standing for long periods like
customer service staff and construction workers (to mention) a few
then you would definitely need regular foot massage.

It would amaze you that a brief 15 to 20 minutes foot massage can do the trick.

Your feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that seldom
get the required attention they deserve.

Even every day walking and standing can take their toll on your feet
as the feet and ankles bear a good part of your body weight.

With over 7000 nerves in the foot alone, getting a foot massage can be
extremely pleasurable and relaxing.

A foot massage will not only help relieve foot and ankle pain, but
will also relieve stress and tension in the entire body.

Here are other benefits of getting a foot massage:

1) A 20 minute session of foot massage and mobilization restores
balance and alignment especially in the elderly.

2) A 20 minute session of foot massage helps reduce the pain intensity
after a surgical operation.

3) Light pressure foot massage also helps to reduce lower limb oedema (swelling) in pregnancy.

4) A 10 minute session of daily foot massage for at least 2 weeks has
been shown to reduce the agitation in people suffering from dementia.

5) A good foot massage will improve blood circulation round the body.

6) Foot massage promotes good body posture.

7) Getting a foot massage will also help to boost your immune system.

8) Foot massages have also been known to improve concentration.

You may not always have the time to go to the spa to get one but you
can treat yourself to a "home made foot massage".

Although there's nothing like a massage given with human hands you can
still make use of a foot massager at home except you have a partner
that's willing to "volunteer".

There are tips here on how to give a foot massage.

Firstly, soak your feet in warm water after adding few drops of
lavender oil or any other essential oil.

There are two major types of foot massagers; the simple and the
therapeutic foot massager.

The therapeutic foot massager actually mimics reflexology.
Reflexology is a kind of massage that relieves tension and treats
illnesses by stimulating pressure points on the feet, hands and head.

All in all get a massager that's easy to use and try to read as much
reviews as possible.
There are mechanical foot massagers, water-based foot massagers, calf
and foot massagers et al.

Once you get a durable and effective foot massager you're guaranteed a first class "on the go" stress relieving therapy.

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