Check these 6 Habits to Get Relief from that Neck Pain

Neck pain can present itself in many ways, but whatever form it comes it's an unpleasant feeling that you really want to get relief from. When we refer to "neck pain" here, we are talking about pain in the neck that has no clear cause or diagnosis (nonspecific neck pain).

There are different types of neck pains; neck pain that comes with a headache, neck pain that comes with tingling (pins and needles) in the arm or neck pain which is as a result of an obvious injury, like a whiplash injury.

A whiplash injury is a strain in the muscles or tendons of the neck as a result of a force that quickly throws the neck forwards then backwards.

Whiplash injuries commonly occur in auto accidents, for example, if your car is hit suddenly with great force from behind, that force can cause your head tho plunge forwards and get thrown backwards.

A neck pain that presents with a headache (cervicogenic) is likely to indicate disc degeneration or facet joint arthritis. The fact that the headache is cervicogenic shows that the cause of the headache is coming from the neck.

Neck pain with accompanying radiculopathy (pinching or irritation) of a nerve is most likely due to some form of degeneration and arthritis and can present as tingling or numbness in the arm.

Focusing on nonspecific neck pain, causes are likely to be postural.

A nagging pain in the neck can disrupt all your activities in the office and diminish your productivity, if not handled properly and promptly.

Neck Pain is mostly caused by improper working postures. Here are some tips to avoid excessive neck twisting and looking up or down extensively to deal with Neck pain in your workplace:

  • Your Monitor Position: put your monitor directly in front of you except you occasionally use it. It should be at eye level, so you don't have to bend your neck in any awkward position,when working at it. Also spending time on your gadgets, especially tablets and mobile phones, looking down for long periods.
  • Telephone Use: Avoid sandwiching the ear piece between your neck and shoulder, as much as possible, use your hand!
  • Your office Chair: does your chair give you adequate support. A good chair should support your whole spine; from neck to waist. You may need to change your chair. An ergonomic chair that has a head rest will be helpful.
  • Regular Breaks: Take Regular Breaks off looking at the monitor or perusing documents. If you notice you've kept your neck in a fixed position too long, take a break and roll it around a bit.
  • Use a Pillow: Use a pillow to support your back when sitting. Good support for your back will also help your neck, since they are both part of the spine.
  • Sleeping Position: Watch your sleeping position, at home of course and not in the office! Bad posture at home will reflect in the office. look out for your bed and pillow also, you may have to change them.
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