What you Need to know about Physiotherapy Registration in South Africa

Getting a job as a physiotherapist in South Africa may seem more complicated than getting one in the US, Canada or Europe. There's not much information online about what is required from foreign trained physiotherapists to get a license to practice in South Africa, so this will hopefully help:

1. The SA health sector prefer foreign trained physios that come from countries that have have similar training and curriculum with them.

2.The South African Health Sector's main aim for recruiting foreign trained physiotherapists is to provide hands for under serviced, remote areas of south Africa.

"Please be informed that the main aim of the FWM is to support the staffing needs of the rural areas in SA and in particular to endorse applicants to eventually fill long-standing vacancies in undeserved areas. Applicants should note that they will not be recruited to the urbanized areas unless under exceptional circumstances."

3. According to the health sector foreign recruitment policy, employment contracts cannot be more than 3years and are nonrenewable.

4. If you are successful with your application to the FWM (Foreign Worker Management) the FWM will secure a job offer on your behalf from Public Sector Health institutions. Direct employment is prohibited, employment of foreign trained health workers is only through FWM.

5. The FWM gives you a letter of endorsement as part of the documents you submit for registration with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

Application to HPCSA

The following documents must be submitted to the Professional Board:

The attached application form, duly completed.

Copies of all degree/diploma certificates or similar academic qualifications certified by an attorney in his or her capacity as notary public and bearing the official stamp as well as sworn translations of these into English.

 Copies certified only by a Commissioner of Oaths will not be accepted. Alternatively original documents together with copies thereof could be submitted for verification by the relevant Council staff. In view of possible damage or loss of such documents it is not advisable to send such documents by mail.

Original academic transcripts (academic record) issued by your educational institution indicating course content of each qualification and a sworn translation of these into English (copies of original documents will only be accepted if duly certified as outlined above).

A recent original Certificate of Status (Certificate of Good Standing), indicating that the applicant is in good standing, issued by the foreign registration authority/ies where the applicant is currently

registered/practising issued within the preceding three months.
A copy of a valid Passport or Identity Document as proof of current citizenship, duly certified by a notary public as indicated above.

A letter of endorsement in support of the application for registration issued by the Directorate: Workforce Management (DWM) of the National Department of Health (Form 176 DOH attached hereto for this purpose). The application for this purpose should be compiled and submitted directly to The Director, DWM, Room 1123, Fedlife Building, National Department of Health, Private Bag X828, Pretoria, 0001, RSA (Corner of Church and Prinsloo Streets). ). Applicants who fail to secure the support of the DWM towards an application for registration or employment will not be eligible for registration.

In the case of South African citizens who qualified abroad the letter of endorsement in support of the application for registration issued by the Directorate: Workforce Management (DWM) of the National Department of Health is not required. Once such applicants have successfully completed the examination of the Board and have received confirmation from the Board that they are eligible to register with the Council such applicants have to approach the Department of Health, for placement in community service posts as per the “Regulations relating to the registration of persons who hold qualifications not prescribed for registration promulgated as Government Notice No. R. 101 on 6 February 2009. Her contact details are as follows: Tel 012 312 0519; Fax 012 312 0913; E-mail MoshoM@health.gov.za.

A “Certificate of Evaluation” issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Practitioners are required to have all academic qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority in Pretoria.

Applications for this purpose should be duly completed and submitted directly to SAQA at the following address:
Street address:
SAQA House
1067 Arcadia Street, Hatfield
Postal Address:
Postnet Suite 248
Private Bag X06
Waterkloof, 0145
Switchboard: (012) 431 5000
Fax: (012) 431 5147
E-mail Address: http://www.saqa.org.za/

For general enquires: saqainfo@saqa.org.za

Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications Call Centre: 012 431-5070

See “Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications” on the SAQA website for specific documentation, including degree certificates, transcripts of record and the evaluation fees to be sent to SAQA as part of your request.

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