How to Get Licenced to Practice Physiotherapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Here's a quick summary on how to get a physiotherapy practising licence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

A foreign trained physiotherapist should at least have a B.Sc in physiotherapy, with at least two years work experience.

The physiotherapist must be a graduate from a National and/ or International recognized college/University.

For graduates from the UAE universities, the program and university must be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR).

Higher diploma certificates from The Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE will be equivalent to Bachelor degree as per MOHESR standard

A Master degree or PhD (in the area of specialty) will reduce one (1) year from the required experience for licensing provided that the Master’s/ PhD degree is not mandatory to obtain the selected title.

Qualifications acquired through honorary nature, correspondence or distance learning are not counted towards the PQR requirements.

All non-UAE national graduate physiotherapists from UAE universities are required to successfully complete Six (6) months internship post- graduation.

UAE National physiotherspists are exempt from the experience and internship requirements for the basic entry level.

Foreign trained physiotherapists must hold a valid License/ Registration to practice in their home country and/or country of last employment (where applicable).

Assistant allied healthcare professionals cannot work independently and shall work under a licensed Allied Healthcare professional.

Physiotherapists, like other health professionals, are required to pass an assessment in order to obtain their practising licence in the UAE.

To work in Abu Dhabi as a physiotherapist, you have to be assessed by HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi)

You pay
AED 50 ($13.61) for the pre-registration with HAAD and

$73.57 collected by PearsonVue for HAAD Testing Center
$94.59 for International Testing Centers

Click here to get to start an online application (eLicencing) for a practising licence in Abu Dhabi

After registration, you will need to look out for if you have an approval to book an exam with Pearson.

If your application is "Approved For Exam", navigate to Exam Scheduling page. (e-Licensing > Examination > Exam Scheduling) to book your exam with HAAD

Please Note : You have to sit for an exam within 3 months after being "Approved For Exam". Failure to do so may result in disapproving the application.

Only use a Visa/Master Credit Card. Make sure that the Credit Card is valid and has sufficient daily balance to process the payment.

Result for the HAAD Exams are declared within three business days.

You can also search and  apply for physiotherapy jobs in Abu Dhabi

To Work as a physiotherapist in Dubai, you need to be assessed by DHA (Dubai Health Authority)

You can apply online here

Initial Fees AED 220 ($59.89)
Primary Source Verification : AED 935. ($254.55)
Extra Document AED 300.($81.67)
Oral - AED 270.($73.51)
Prometric: USD 170.
Issue License: AED 1020.($277.69)
Delivery fees: AED 20 ($5.44) payable cash upon delivery

Initial application review: 2-4 weeks
Primary Source Verification (PSV): it will be proceed after 48 hr of payment.
Exam assessment:
Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on prometric exam schedule
Oral Assessment: based on DHA exam schedule
Upload labor card and Insurance: 5 working days after application submission
Issue license: 2 working days


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Jobs in the U.S. for Medical Technologists

If the demand for healthcare professionals is heating up in the USA, then the demand for MedTechs has reached the boiling point.

Here are five reasons why:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that between 2012 and 2022 the demand for clinical laboratory technologist/technician job will grow by 22 percent.

The U.S. programs preparing tomorrow’s laboratory workforce train only about half of what is needed.

Fewer than 5,000 individuals are graduating each year from accredited training programs.

According to the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), the number of accredited clinical laboratory technology programs has steadily declined.

Approximately 40 percent of the laboratory workforce is within ten years of retirement.

Coming April 1st 2017 Passport USA will be filing U.S. visas for numerous qualified Medical technologists. Will you be one of them?

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WCPT launches art and health competition 13th December 2016

WCPT is pleased to announce the launch of its art and health competition. The work of the finalists will be displayed in an art and health exhibition at the WCPT Congress 2017 in Cape Town next July.

The exhibition is always popular at congress and adds a unique element to the event.
The theme of the competition is “Diversity and inclusion”.
WCPT is seeking outstanding pieces of artwork and photography relevant to
physical therapy. Interpretations of the theme may include:
• diversity of patients and practice
• inclusion of disabilities
• how physical therapy encourages inclusion
• the vast range of specialties within the profession

All entries must be submitted electronically as a JPEG photograph. The original artwork must be created in
one of the following media:
• photography
• painting
• drawing
• sculpture

All images should be taken at the best quality available. If a photograph of a sculpture, drawing or painting is being submitted, the artwork must be clearly visible and well lit.

The competition is open to all physical therapists and their patients - all that is required is a passion for your work!

A maximum of three entries may be submitted by any one individual. To view the winners and runners up of the last art and health competition go to

The closing date for the competition is 15th February 2017. Please email entries (or direct any enquiries) to Mia Lockner at Further information is available at

How to submit
• To submit your entries please email them to A maximum of 3 entries may be submitted by any one individual. All entries must be submitted as a JPEG photograph.
• If the total size of your entries exceeds 10MB please use a site such as to send your images.
• Please include a brief description for each entry (approx 50-100 words).

Winners: The overall winner of the competition will receive an Amazon voucher to the equivalent value of $100 (USD) to spend in their local store. In addition, there will be a winner in each of the four categories: photography, painting,
drawing, sculpture.
Each of these will be awarded a WCPT art and health competition winner certificate.
The photographs/submitted images of work will be given a high profile within the art and health exhibition at the WCPT Congress in Cape Town. The photographs will be featured on the WCPT website and within the website’s photo gallery.

Runners-up: These will be awarded a WCPT art and health competition runner-up certificate. The photographs/submitted images of work will be shown within the art and health exhibition at the WCPT Congress in Cape Town. Runners-up entries
will also be featured in the photo gallery on the WCPT website.

World Physical Therapy Day: Entries may be used as part of the World Physical Therapy Day campaign for 2017.

Copyright and permissions
• The individual entering the competition must be the photographer/artist and the owner of the copyright for any works entered.
• Submissions must provide evidence that permissions have been obtained from any person/s featured in the photographs. Students/patients/models/actors may be used.
• By entering this competition the photographer/artist is granting WCPT non-exclusive and royalty-free rights to display their entry/entries in connection with this contest, as well as on the WCPT website and within its promotional and/or
marketing materials such as posters, brochures, flyers, PowerPoint presentations and activity reports. WCPT may also request additional permission from you before using your photographs for purposes other than those listed above.
• The photographer/artist retains copyright of their entry/entries and will be credited alongside their submitted work/s.


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