How to Create an Exercise Program Online

Physiotherapy exercises is a website that contains over 1,000 exercises that physiotherapists can use to create an exercise program for patients with injuries and disabilities.

The contributors to physiotherapy exercises are physiotherapists in Sydney, Australia.

The various exercises featured on the website are for the purpose of improving flexibility, strength, restoring normal function and fitness.

Physiotherapy exercises makes it seamless for the physiotherapist to create and prescribe an exercise program online. All you need to do is search for the exercise.

Exercises have different categories you can choose from :

Exercise type
Body Part
Equipment available
Exercise difficulty
Image orientation

The website is free of charge to all users and you have the opportunity to donate to help keep the good work going.

The terms of use on the physiotherapy exercises website are :
- Do not remove and use the illustrations for purposes other than preparing exercises for patients with injuries and disabilities.
- Do not remove the watermark from the images
- Always acknowledge the website and place the URL ( on every exercise program produced.

This website is a great online tool that modifies the way physiotherapists do their job and also help maintain the quality and uniformity of physical therapy delivered.

All you need to do is search for exercises according to your patient's condition, develop an exercise program and send it to their mobile phones or tablets.

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