Physiotherapy Registration and Recruitment in the UK

If you are a physiotherapist seeking employment in the UK you may need some professional help.

If you've tried everything you know to get a physiotherapy job in the UK or Ireland, and you don't mind working with an employment or staffing agency, you may look at what Monroe Medical has to offer.

Monroe Medical is a registered provider of adaptation training – the missing requirement by HCPC.

This training includes:

- Supervised practicals and academic allowing you to work for completion within your own specific time frame.

- Flexible solution to the above requirements - programs can be part time or full time or tailored to suit your needs.

- A distance learning course to save you time and expenses.

- Intensive practical sessions to maximise successful completion leading to adaptation. 

- Individually designed adaptation training to make up shortfalls previously identify by HCPC assessor

A UK registered and HCPC approved physiotherapist will assist you throughout the entire process.

They also offer advanced MSK Training for physiotherapists especially for those who have no UK experience or have gaps in their career.
The aim of the programme is to provide a rewarding educational experience that enables you to develop professional and clinical physiotherapy skills.



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