Practice Management Software (PMS) Used by Private Physiotherapy Practice


This is the digital age and more hospitals and clinics are taking advantage of available technology to facilitate and upgrade their services and operations. Case notes are now electronic and many have done away with paper data.

When looking for a Practice Management Software, which is more or less your office assistant, consider the following 3 features:

1. Simplicity and user friendliness
2. Flexibility, allowing you to personalize your usage of the software and seamlessly implement your preferences
3. Customer Support: run from companies that have inefficient customer service. You need to have access to help 24/7

Here are some practice management software that have received some favourable reviews:

1. TM2 Practice Management Software

TM2 Healthcare Solutions is a provider of Practice Management Software and an Australian based company that owns the sole distribution rights for the TM2 Practice Management Software across Australia.

 TM2, is a Complete Practice Management and Clinical Notes software application designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance profitability.


1. Your Diary and Appointments

2. Paperless Patient Records
Easy access to appointment history, account/billing status, current or previous cases history, communication trail, special alerts, associated contacts, default practitioner, and much more.
You can also scan in old paper based documents, x-rays and images then store them electronically.

3. Electronic clinical notes
The TM2 Clinical Notes is touch PC tablet friendly; physiotherapists can hold the PC tablet and make notes while interviewing the patient.

4. Comprehensive finance and billing
TM2 finance and billing management is provided through quick and easy accounting features allowing complete control with each patient having a manageable account listing payments, invoices and receipts.

5. Business Analysis
TM2 allows you to report on almost every façade of your business such as; appointments, practitioner's case loads, practice income, practitioner commissions, diary utilisation, income by practitioner and enquiry source. If the report you need isn't available you can commission your own.

6. Integrated Multi-location
TM2 System can correctly identify between locations and provide thorough information on staff, patients and physiotherapists' activity in various locations of your clinic

2. GPM (Gensolve Practice Manager) is a cloud based practice management software.

Being a cloud based application, Gensolve Practice Manager (GPM) helps to alleviate many of the expensive and time intensive tasks associated with maintaining servers, databases, backups, software upgrades and other distractions.


1. You can access your information or account from anywhere.

2. Appointment booking (Compatible with smart phones)

3. Electronic patient and clinical records.

4. Fully featured accounting suite
Gensolve Practice Manager has integrated an industry leading accounting package into its software application, to further ensure this practice management software is a solution as comprehensive for your practice as it can be.

5. Stock Management

6. KPI business and financial reporting

7. Email and SMS marketing
Easily and quickly send out special offers, birthday wishes, or contact clients that have not been seen recently.

Other features include

Efficiently manage Clinician working hours: Easily set up your Clinicians’ normal working schedule, leave periods and staff meetings.

Multi-site configuration:  Configure Clinicians to work across multiple sites, maintaining a single consolidated view for each Clinician’s availability.

Task manager: Using the in-built Task Manager, practices can easily assign tasks and actions to the appointment book or clinical notes, saving on time and creating more efficient patient follow up.

Waiting room: Track a patient from the time they arrive in the practice until they leave and share this information in real time across your practice.

Cancellation and no-show management: Monitor no-shows and cancellations and link the information to patients’ files.SMS reminders: Send SMS Reminders of appointments in bulk to clients.

3. WriteUpp

WriteUpp is a time-saving, cloud-based practice management software specially designed for health and wellbeing professionals.

1. Create your own customised assessment forms using a simple form builder, then use them in any care setting on mobile, tablet or web.

2. Patient records: Create, manage and search your client records in one secure location safe in the knowledge that your data is being backed up every hour.

3. Online booking
Enable your clients to book online from their desktop, tablet or mobile.

4. Invoicing
Generate branded invoices quickly and easily based on clinical activity and expenses incurred.

5. Expenses
Quickly log client related expenses, such as mileage, or items that you have supplied to clients during their treatment, like taping, using the WriteUpp app or the web-based version of WriteUpp.

6. Reminders

7. Business views

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