Important Update for Foreign Trained Physiotherapists who want to work in South Africa

1. All foreign qualified Physiotherapists are required to sit for an examination conducted by the Board, twice per year.

2. You should also submit the following to the HPCSA (Health Professionals Council of South Africa):

  • Form 49 PT
  • Form 176 DOH
  • Certificate of Status, issued by foreign registration authority
  • Original certificate of Qualifications or certified copies by Notary Public
  • Certified copy of ID document or passport with a clear photograph

Initial Letter of Endorsement

The first step to getting licensed to work as a physiotherapist in South Africa is to get an initial letter of endorsement from the FWMP(Foreign Workforce Management Programme). So you can download the form 176 DOH here

Please ensure you read the Foreign recruitment policy carefully, here are a few clauses to note in the form 176 DOH:

"Application to the FWMP is a mere presentation of your candidature for National consideration to endorse towards further processes.
The Department of Health is finalizing the restructuring its foreign recruitment initiatives.
The aim is to, in the years to come consider mainly and in some instances exclusively those candidates
identified in terms of country-to-country agreements.
The only direct recruitment of individual applicants from abroad will be for those applicants who can submit
documentary evidence of being a citizen of a developed country.
The applications from foreign health professionals who are citizens of developing countries will therefore no longer be entertained on an ad-hoc basis."

"Employment contracts can be up to 3years and non renewable."



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