Acupuncture Courses for Physiotherapists

If you are a physiotherapist looking for courses to augment your continuous professional development, then you should consider acupuncture.

As a physiotherapist that consistently comes in contact with patients complaining mostly of pain, it would be great to take acupuncture courses to add to your pain management skills.

Acupuncture Canada's Acupuncture Courses for Beginners

Acupuncture Canada offers a training program for healt professionals who want to integrate acupuncture into their practice.
The Core Program consists of four courses that introduce you to acupuncture through a western-based anatomical or medical approach, along with an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts.

Anatomical acupuncture bridges the gap between TCM and Western medicine. It is based on Western ideas on anatomy, physiology and diagnosis. It requires a thorough understanding of the anatomy related to the various acupuncture points, as points are chosen based on anatomy and physiology of the problems being treated.

The four courses in the Core Program are:
Foundations of Anatomical Acupuncture (AA1)
Clinical Applications in Anatomical Acupuncture (AA2)
Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BTCM)
Advanced Applications in Acupuncture (AA3)

All four courses combine online and hands-on learning.
Our online component delivers a rich multimedia environment that engages students with narrated PowerPoint presentations, 3D animations, videos and case presentations provided by expert faculty. Designed to deliver an optimum learning experience for our students it is structured so that we can pace and assess students throughout the weekly format, and prepare students for our onsite, hands-on sessions. The onsite workshops are conducted in small groups. Practical instruction in based around the extensive practice of needle technique.

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