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Highest Paying Cities to Work in the US

Highest Paying Cities to Work in the US

The average annual salary of Physiotherapists in the United States in 2014 was $82,390 on average, and an average hourly wage of $39.61, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Physiotherapy jobs in the US are expected to increase by 34% over the next few years, so it's still looking good for physical therapists.

The top ten Cities in the US where Physiotherapists are paid the highest hourly wages are:

1. California$37.00
2. New Jersey$36.46
3. Maryland$36.11
4. Nevada$26.07
5. Rhode Island$35.92
6. Alaska$35.78
7. Texas$35.54
8. Louisiana$35.23
9. Illinois$35.11
10. West Virginia$35.10

Beyond the actual salary, there are other factors to consider when looking out for the best places to live as a physiotherapist.

You need to consider the cost of living in that city, s high salary with high cost of living may be similar to pouring gallons of water into a large basket if you don't do your research well.

If work-life balance is important to you, then you should also rese…

6 New Non-Traditional Areas Physiotherapists Can Practice

Pamela Duffy PT.MEd.OCS has highlighted what APTA terms "Emerging Areas" for Physiotherapy Practice. These new areas are steadily experiencing an increase in Physiotherapists participation.

These 6 new emerging non traditional areas identified by American Physical Therapy Association are:

1. Performing Arts
2. Obesity Management
3. Health Clubs
4. Animal Therapy
5. Women's Health
6. Emergency/Urgent Care

Performing Arts
Professionals in the Performing Arts whose careers depend on their bodies being in good shape are becoming beneficiaries of physical therapy "behind the scenes". Examples of professionals in this field are figure skaters, dancers, musicians, gymnasts, circus performers, dancers, actors and musicians.
When it comes to prevention of rehabilitation from injuries, the  physical therapist is beginning to gain relevance.

Obesity Management
When it comes to Obesity management, one would wonder why it's still an "emerging area" for Physiothe…

Highlights of Australia's Immigration Recent Update

1. Australian Govt Cuts Immigration by 15%. Prime minister, Scott Morrison has announcedthat the government will be capping permanent migration at 160,000 for the next four years, this is a drop compared to the previous cap of 190,000.

2. Two new regional visas for skilled workers have been introduced. Foreigners that obtain these visas are  required to stay outside Australia's biggest cities for three years before they can be elligible for a permanent residence. This Visa will cover 23,000 new entrants.

3. People entering Australia under these new regional visas will of course enjoy some privileges as a form of motivation. They will be given priority in their visa processing and have access to a larger pool of available jobs.

4. If you breach the conditions of these new visas by relocating to the big cities you will not be eligible for permanent residence.

5. International students are not left out. 1,000 scholarships will also be offered to encourage more international students…

All Eligibility Assessment Applications to Australia Physiotherapy Council will Now be Submitted Online.

All Eligibility Assessment applications made to the Australia Physiotherapy Council on or after Monday 4 March 2019, will not require you to a post certified hard copy documents with your application.

If you already filled the old online Eligibility assessment form and had not submitted it, by March 4th it will be deleted from your dashboard. So you need to submit your application before March 4th, 2019.
If you submit before March 4th then you will still be required to send certified hard copy documents.

The Australia Physiotherapy Council  still request  certified hard copies of your documents if they feel the scanned copies are of poor quality or unclear.

You can check their website for more details.

Happy 2019!

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