Highest Paying Cities to Work in the US

The average annual salary of Physiotherapists in the United States in 2014 was $82,390 on average, and an average hourly wage of $39.61, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Physiotherapy jobs in the US are expected to increase by 34% over the next few years, so it's still looking good for physical therapists.

The top ten Cities in the US where Physiotherapists are paid the highest hourly wages are:

1. California $37.00
2. New Jersey $36.46
3. Maryland $36.11
4. Nevada $26.07
5. Rhode Island $35.92
6. Alaska $35.78
7. Texas $35.54
8. Louisiana $35.23
9. Illinois $35.11
10. West Virginia $35.10

Beyond the actual salary, there are other factors to consider when looking out for the best places to live as a physiotherapist.

You need to consider the cost of living in that city, s high salary with high cost of living may be similar to pouring gallons of water into a large basket if you don't do your research well.

If work-life balance is important to you, then you should also research your options. Of what benefit is it to earn a huge salary that you hardly get any time to enjoy? You end up being"rich", "overworked" and "grumpy".

If your social life means anything to you, then you may consider working in a more vibrant city with a healthy nightlife. Having where to go aside from "work" will always help rejig your mental machine!

So besides the cities that pay Physiotherapists the highest salaries in the US, these are the top 5 States for Physiotherapists to live in the US: Texas, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut and Nevada.



  1. Hi....I am a physiotherapist from India...I have finished BSC in physio in MGR university ....I don't know whether they consider Indian universities as worthy......help me out

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