Is Your Physiotherapy Resume up to date?

When last did you look at your resume? If your resume was a software how updated or outdated would it be?
Are you aware of skills employers these days expect Physiotherapists to have? Have you highlighted your most recent achievements in your place of work or do you only add your most recent academic achievements?
What do employers really expect to see in your CV? Do you feel your CV has communicated what the employer or reader would expect to know? Can someone really know you through your CV or is it just a basic chronological template?

Check these 5 tips to ensure you Physiotherapy Resume is on point:

1. When applying for a job, ensure you pay attention to the skills the employer has requested. Check your CV to ensure these requirements are clearly highlighted.
Some jobs are likely to require more skills or information that you already have on your CV. Take time out to add or highlight these skills.

2. Always begin your resume with a brief but concise objective. This opening is an opportunity to introduce yourself from the perspective of your strengths.
Popular information you may put here are your degree, extra certifications, years of experience and conditions you've handled.

3. When charting your work history meticulously touch on areas like
- Awards you have received for your performance at work.
- Physiotherapy treatment modalities you have used and are proficient in, especially new or emerging technologies.
- Patients' conditions you have successfully managed, especially if you had a breakthrough as a result of research or that resulted in research.
- Your work setting; whether a public or private healthcare provider, outpatient, number of beds e.t.c.

4. Include volunteer activities probably with your registration body or Physiotherapy association, and articles you may have written (A good place to publish your articles for free is this blog, "Everything Physio").

5. Research your employer if you can, see how your skills, experience and personality can fit in and highlight this in your CV objectives section. Let it be the first thing they see about you.




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